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Lifetime Subscription

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Our Ozarks is a bi-monthly publication except for certain issues (6 issues per year). The full color magazine is dedicated to preserving the beauty, history and culture of the region within Missouri, Arkansas and even parts of Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma.

When completing order, complete the business information ONLY IF the magazine is being mailed to that business...otherwise, no information should be noted in that section. Do not place Mr., Ms, or retired, or cute answers, etc in business section...this will cause incorrect mailing that we are not responsible to replace. 

Subscribers see their first copy arrive when the next issue makes its normal mailing unless otherwise noted as part of special offer. If you have subscribed between issues, this could mean anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks.

Missouri Sales Tax statement:
Because your subscription includes any sales tax, we include the following statement so to verify the amounts dues to the state of Missouri for sales tax from OUR OZARKS MAGAZINE (not you). Again, there are no additional fees due to you, this is just a taxation notice as our amount owed is reduced by the shipping costs Our Ozarks Magazine pays.

Missouri Sale Tax law dictates that we point out that your total price paid today INCLUDES not only the price of the magazine itself, but also the cost of shipping the magazine for the duration of the subscription (the total cost of shipping varies with each issue due to weight and volume).

The majority (if not all and more) of your payment is for that shipping due to postage and mailing services and the special pricing we may have in place at the time of purchase. This amount varies for each issue due to weight and term of subscription and is part of the total price shown for this product/service.