About Our Ozarks Magazine

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Imagine the  history, craftsmanship, the storytelling and the beauty of the Ozarks brought to life in print. Imagine coverage of what the Ozarks is truly about. Find those out of the way spots, or interesting twists on popular locations. Learn the crafts and lore of yesteryear that more and more people are bringing back to life today. Imagine reading articles on people that you would love to visit. Imagine no more.

Our Ozarks Magazine is that. And much more....

Our Ozarks is about visiting those red dirt roads at the end of the pavement, and bringing out the riches of the Ozarks...the stories, the people and things that make us proud of our area.  The full color format will be provide something that the Ozarks have long needed...a voice and window for those who enjoy living and visiting this great region.

The roots of the editor and publisher goes far back into the Ozarks history, as most of his ancestors settled here in the very early 1800s. Some lived out of caves as they built their first cabin. Many fought in the Civil War. Many were wrote about by S.C. Turnbo. And he grew up here, working the dairy farm, learning the trade of carpentry before going off to college and careers. He knows what it is to live in the Ozarks. He knows what it is to be a neighbor.

We will dig into the history, culture, craftsmanship and lore of the area.  You will find a focus on artist and photographer spotlights, local authors and local music.  And much more.

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