Earn Extra Money With Subscription Sales

How does it work?  You are provided a unique product link...one that is for your use and sharing. Any sales generated through this personalized url reaps you a percentage of the subscription price.

Example:  https://ourozarksmagazine.com/products/1-year-KB1

All sales made via this link provide you with $3 commission. That's it. Nothing more then posting your unique url to your pages, groups, emails to friends or family, etc. And for each sale, you'll receive that $3

Our current one-year subscription is $19.95 but that price will be going up to $24.95 shortly.  When that price jumps, your commission will rise to $4

We pay out monthly, unless the sales hit a threshold of $50. So if you produce 17 sales in a week (at the $3 commission rate), then you will actually be mailed payment that week for your $51.

Looking for around 10 people across the Ozarks (Missouri, Arkansas and areas in Illinois, Oklahoma and Kansas.  Once we get a few of you set in place, we will be offering only 1-Year Subscriptions...so links will only be provided for 1-year subscriptions.

If you wish to take part in this opportunity, email me at OurOzarks@yahoo.com


Here is info we send to you prior to place an url into force:

I can set you up in minutes.
Need full name
Mailing address 
Phone Number
We do send out IRS 1099 reporting once/if commissions exceed $600 and would need Social Security Number reported to us once sales commission exceeds $500 in expectation we will have to get 1099 preparations underway. If SSN is not reported to us within 3 days of that request, your link will become inactive for any future sales.
Current commission is $3 per subscription sold through your unique url.
We provide an introduction that is to be used for presentation/sharing of the sales link.  Any questions about the magazine, or subscriptions, etc should be referred to us at OurOzarks@yahoo.com
Your only responsibility would be to share the intro and link via social media, email or even word of mouth without any further promises being made, etc.  This is not an offer of employment and is a commission only sales position and you will be your own boss/employer. We reserve the right to terminate your sales production for us at any time. All earned commissions will be paid monthly, unless $50 of commission is earned at which time a payment will be mailed earlier.  End of the preceeding month commissions are mailed between the 3rd and 7th of the next month.
Will note that Facebook has gotten pretty picky about spamming. So if you share to groups you belong to, etc. be aware that spamming can get you blocked from posting to groups temporarily, or possibly permanently if you are very abusive in spamming, etc...you know the drill.
You may allow family members, friends, to share this url as well...but in so doing, we are making no connection with them for commissions, etc and those agreements are between you and them. All payments for commissions of sales from your url will be made to you and you only.
We do not assign urls to more then one person in an area...that area may change in range, but basically keeping this to 10 to 12 people throughout the whole Ozarks....so pretty good size areas, but with online work there is always a chance of overlap and NO CONFLICT between by those with different urls will be tolerated.
As soon as I have your full name, address and phone number, and confirmation that you agree to these terms, 
I will get you set up.